Highland Glory

  • This is the 6th edition to the Z☠️NE Smelling Salts line as a tribute to all the amazing men and women worldwide involved in heavy athletics for keeping the great Scottish culture of highland games and stone lifting alive and well. Thank you for the continued support of not only our product but of the great sport of Scottish heavy athletics.


    Here are some features of Highland Glory.


    - This is the next level up from Z☠️NE Elite and is our strongest INACTIVE version yet.


    - Requires a one time 10ml to 12.5ml activation (just under a cap full of water).


    - Highest quality formula on the market with purified ammonia. Zero additives as always.


    - Reinforced high quality red lid for increased durability. .


    -Unlimited storage life and ZERO travel issues.


    - Potency is strong after a few minutes from activation. Reaches full strength in 24hours after activations.


    - This is a advanced level ammonia and should only be used by experienced users.