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How long does Zone Smelling Salts last?

Around 3 months usually, however some people have continued to use their bottle for over a year.

What do Zone Smelling Salts do and how do they work?


Smelling salts are a chemical compound that releases small amounts of ammonia gas, that essentially jump starts your body’s nervous system.


The ammonia causes blood vessels in your nasal passages to expand providing an instant increase in oxygen to your brain which gives your body an instantaneous boost of alertness and power.


Why does Zone Smelling Salts come inactive?

  • To provide you with the longest possible life span

  • To allow you to travel anywhere in the world with it inactive. 

  • Will not have any shipping issues. Sometimes pre-activated smelling salts can pop open in the mail creating a big mess. 

  • Eliminates any storage issues created with weather conditions and it will not sit in storage losing life span.  


What happens if i add too much water? 


Only add the recommended water ONCE to activate it. Just a Zone cap is good and it will be good to go forever. Too much water can suffocate the ammonium gas and make it very weak.  This can also cause the product to get messy. 


Is Zone Smelling Salts dangerous ? 


Zone is safe to use as long as you follow the directions on the bottle properly and do not abuse it like anything else. Please do not dump it in your eyes or mouth. 



Do you guys offer wholesale pricing and distribution opportunities ?


For wholesaling we can set you up with one of our distributors depending where you are in the world.  To become a distributor will depend on the territory . For both inquires please contact us direct at


How do I inquire about adding my companies line to Zone Canada?

We choose brands we have a long standing relationship with and get to know the people behind the company. if you want to inquire Please email us at .

How can I become a Zone Athlete or Zone ambassador?


If you want to join our Zone team and become one of our sponsored athletes, loyalty is number 1 for us over all else. Loyalty to our brand must be very apparent . We take great pride in taking care of our athletes/team and building a relationship with them.  Our Zone athletes compete at a Elite level but also they’re great people and willing to help out athletes getting into the sport . Most of them are strength coaches as well. 


We have a screening process for our Zone Canada Ambassadors. Great potential and passion for the sport, obviously use and love the Zone line, loyalty and common sense are important. You can be the strongest human on the planet but if you’re going around bringing people down on social media or in person we don’t want you. Please DM us on the ZoneCanada Instagram or Zonesmellingsalts Instagram to inquire. If you don’t have Instagram send us an email. 


How do I get reposted on the Zone Smelling Salts Instagram page or ZoneCanada? 


We only repost people who use Zone. Usually hitting big sets or PRs. You don’t have to be at a Elite strength level to hit a PR or big set.  We love to watch your progress and randomly post that too. 


What is the difference between Zone smelling salts, Zone Elite and Bear Down ? 


Zone Elite and Bear Down are quite a bit stronger then regular Zone. Regular Zone would be more comparable to the snaps found in medical kits, the strength is a lot more controllable.  


Zone Elite and Bear Down are roughly the same formula and basically the same strength. The difference is both are linked to different charity’s.


Elite donates to Catch a Lift Foundation to help wounded veterans get physically and emotionally better through fitness. 


Bear down donates to the Papabear Foundation which helps young kids afford to compete .


What happens if smelling salts get left in direct heat once activated? 


You should avoid leaving your bottle of smelling salts in the sun or in your car on hot days for prolonged periods of time.  This can cause the salts to start crystallizing around the edges . This won’t hurt the product just makes it a little messy. Heat can also dry out the salts a little to fast weakening the potency and life span. 

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