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  • BDS Blood is a hybrid of our two most advanced and strongest salts, BDS Gold and Norse Blood. This is our unique red ammonia formula compounded with properties of the gold formula, all in a customized blood red metal BDS bottle. 


    What's are the specs ? 


    • Insane 12 ingredients red ammonia formula.
    • Commerical Grade ammonia in a custom blood red metal bottle.
    • Dry Activated ™️ - Activated smelling salts without the use of any water. So, NO leaking or crusty crap around the top. Just the highest quality purified ammonia ready to use.
    • Absolutely mental strength with an extreme emphasis on elevating that fight or flight response.
    • Original art by Travis Rogers 

    Caution ⛔️ 


    If you aren't quite sure what smelling salts are, stay FAR away from this version. 


    If you don't have much experience with smelling salts, also stay far away. 


    Highly recommend you have experience with Norse Blood Advanced or BDS previous versions before trying this one. 

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