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Irish Cream ☘️️

  • This is a sequel to the classic Z☠️NE Dry. The goal was to create a ultra smooth high quality hit of ammonia that actually opens nasal passages increasing oxygen rather than closing them. The other goal was to give you just a proper hard slap in the face but at the same not blinding you so you can’t see when you lift. 


    What is the Zone Irish Cream? Purified Dry Activated ammonia that induces an amplified fight or flight response to increase oxygen absorption.


    Each bottle of Zone Irish Cream is manually dry activated right before being shipped out. Once you receive Zone Irish Cream give it a very violent shake before opening.


    What is dry activated!? Zone created the Ammonium chloride and Sodium carbonate reaction without the use of direct water. 


    What does that do? It allows all the salts to be activated simultaneously and keeps the salts light and fluffy allowing ALL the ammonia gas to rise to the top. 


    The result: An extremely concentrated and clean hit of ammonia gas

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