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Serious Steel Olympic Lifting Straps

  • Olympic lifting straps are ideal for Olympic lifts such as snatches but can also be used for snatch grip deadlifts, deadlifts and pulls. Olympic straps are an all around great lifting strap that can be used in nearly every lifting application.
    Oly straps are similar to speed straps but have a longer sewn end. Note that the end piece should lay in the same direction as your thumb and not across the palm.  This allows for the strap to lay flat and more securely on the bar.  Once on, spin the bar to torque down the strap, however not overly tight. You still want to have flexion in the wrist, especially with Olympic movements. 

    • Heavy duty and durable stitching.
    • Soft webbed cotton for added comfort.
    • Lifting strap measures 1.5" wide and 9.5" long.
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