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Serious Steel Stone Sleeves

  • Handmade from cowhide leather, these stone sleeves are designed to last.


    With the belt and loop closure, you can safely use tacky with these sleeves and not have to worry about gumming up Velcro or strings. These stone sleeves also feature a through-leather strap to ensure a tight and stout fit.  If you are a strongman or woman athlete and are looking for a pair of sleeves to take your atlas stone training and performance to the next level, these are for you.


    To ensure proper sizing, measure your forearm just below the elbow where the top of the sleeve will rest during use.  To measure: Use a flexible tape measure to proper measurement. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, use a string and measure its length against a ruler. Stone sleeves are meant to be worn tight, so measure your forearm snug.


    Tighten up. Pick it up. Load.

  • Measure the largest part of your forearm below the elbow:

    • Medium: 9.5"-11.5"(24-29 cm) Forearm
    • Large: 11.5"-13" (29-33 cm) Forearm
    • X-Large: 13"-16" (33-40 cm) Forearm
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